Laboratory of Conservation and Dynamics of Volcanic Soils

Students from the “El Crucero” school in Nueva Imperial participated in the last workshop of the Project for Engagement with the Environment “Science in our feet, a solution in our hands”

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The project promoted by the BIOREN Scientific Center ended after four workshops focused on the importance of caring for the soil, recognizing its nutrients and their use. The program had as objective to promote the interest in students of sixth and seventh basic year of the establishment of Nueva Imperial.

With the participation of teachers, parents and researchers from the University of La Frontera, the students made a presentation in front of the community to show their knowledge acquired throughout the four workshops held since the beginning of April. The students had the opportunity to work as a team with their classmates to also highlight the experiences they had, including the school’s visit to the Conguillio National Park.

The teacher Luisa Marihuan, who accompanied her students from the beginning of the project, expressed to the community “Our children had their learning, we went out to the fields, to the university, to the laboratory, and then we went to the Conguillio National Park. We learned many things about volcanoes, hills, mountains, the araucarias, the students also learned about their culture, it was important for the children, I thank the university for the project and I hope it will be repeated in the future.”

To close the activity, the teachers and students gave an award to Javiera Hormazabal, researcher and co-responsible for the project. Along with this, Jimena Olate, differential educator of the “El Crucero” school, who participated in the workshops, commented “We learned to see our land and value what we have, we learned about our culture, through our dear aunt Luisa and us. We also met.”

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